Co-founder & Managing Partner

Ryan Litfin is experienced and accomplished in financial & economics with over 15 years of experience in the field of different financial markets. He earned his degrees in Finance & Economics in 2004 from Gustavus Adolphus College. Ryan’s interest in real estate developed while pursuing his degree. In particular, he became interested in real estate investments, commodity investments, and risk management. 

Ryan is a Co-founder & Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Vincent Companies, a privately held firm with multiple specialized divisions, including Vincent Real EstateVincent Development, and Vincent Data Centers.

Ryan discusses and provides useful information on his popular Trends With Benefits, Real Estate Investing Podcast. This podcast is jointly hosted with Mr. Dale Creed Francis.

Vincent Real Estate has been involved in the development of senior living communities and market-rate apartment buildings since 2008. Some of the highlighted projects include NOVO Apartments and Urbana Court Apartments. Both projects have been a significant addition in the suburban areas surrounding the Twin Cities, where the need for residential space for both seniors and younger generations is growing by the day. These projects have not only helped provide thousands of people a place to live, but has also provided job opportunities in the community. 

“Things change all the time, we used to ride horses, and now we drive cars. Investment vehicles change, protection vehicles change, it’s important to understand that and go through that education process.” – Ryan Litfin