Discover the potential benefits of investing in local apartment buildings, senior living communities, and edge data centers. Build wealth, create income, and add diversification not related to the stock market.

A deeper dive into the life cycle of an investment from initial commitment to the distribution phase. Get a behind-the-scenes view of how these projects are selected and developed as well as gain visibility into the functionality and transparency of our online client portal.

We focus on how demographic trends are positively affecting investments in apartments and senior living. Learn the features and benefits of Direct Participation Real Estate (DPRE) investing and view virtual tours of groundbreaking to grand opening on a few of our projects.

Educational webinar featuring Vincent Data Centers focusing specifically on the hybrid edge computing sector of the real estate market. Topics include demand factors, benefits, site structure, and project specifics.


– Preferred Rate of Return
– Retirement Account Eligible
– Directly Invest in Specific Local Properties
– Non-Correlated Diversification
– Not A “Blind Pool” Like REITs or Mutual Funds
– Tax Benefits & Other Advantages
– Actual Equity Ownership in Real Estate
– Create Steady and Potentially Growing Income
– Positive Trends Unlike Anything in History
– Long-Term Track Record


Learn about Direct Participation Real Estate (DPRE) investing, upcoming projects, and how you can participate in ownership of a property near you.


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